Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Who would you scream for?

Isn’t it just typical?

You’ve got the long haired guy who talks about peace and love.
“This sandal wearing self proclaimed ‘know all the secrets of
the universe’ genius” who even wants some kind of forgiveness
for our enemies, which we all know is just another word for amnesty for those who hate our freedom.

Liberals are always soft on those who wrong us. The worst part about this guy, who we all know doesn’t have a job, is he’s attracting the attention of our enemies. It’s traitorous, because he’s making us look like we’re not united, that we don’t support our leaders, and then that makes all these horrible people just fight harder and harder and harder. Why, because they think they can outlast us.

If that’s not giving aid and comfort to the enemy I don’t know what it is. He's a traitor!

You’re not stirring up trouble, you wouldn’t act like that guy, so what would you be doing?

Well………You would be cheering the freedom fighters. For the guy who stood against those who stood against God, who harassed your family, who rounded up people and locked them away, humiliated, tortured and murdered. He would be a hero for having the courage to stand against those who picked your leaders.

You would be screaming for……


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