Monday, March 26, 2007

fed up with these Stooges

Sooner or later you get fed up enough with the Stooges that it’s time to fire them. You don’t decide to keep them because they’re the ones that began the job so they should be the ones best able to complete it. After enough pies thrown, eyes gouged and things broken when they respond to your misgivings with, “Well what would you do?” sounds a bit lame. The most logical answer would be to say, “We’ll figure it out without your incompetent help” and “Don’t let the door hit you in the rear on the way out”.
Some guys, like our president and his administration, just beg to be fired. To do otherwise would be ignorance surrendering to stupidity in the name of gullibility.
The president has given those who engage in loyal dissent a name, ‘disruptors’. An honorable tag for those who love the United States to possess because Fascist objectives must always be disrupted everywhere it raises from the hell it belongs.
It would be a great honor for our nation to have the distinction of facing fascism and peacefully defeating it within the political realm using our freedoms so wisely conceived and fought for by our ancestors.

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max practical said...

Great Blog, I wish we were the country that stood for Justice and Freedom and did not choose war lightly. We should be neutral and a global leader. We should mourn all the deaths in Iraq and pray for the day when we have real leaders that will get back our honor and integrity and make the world a better place. I've also sai8d we will one day have to prosecute the administration or watch the rest of the world do so.