Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Literal Interpretation of Creation

Well it came out today that the majority of Republicans believe in the literal interpretation of Creation. Hardly surprising.

Not excepting evolution leads many to distrust a multiple number of scientific disciplines besides biology. Geologist can’t be right because of what they say about the age of the Earth. Archeologist and anthropologist can’t be trusted because they use carbon dating which geologists also use to date the Earth. Astronomers and astronomical physicists can’t be trusted because of what they say about the distance of the stars and how long it takes their light to reach us. How can doctors really know what they’re doing when they believe in evolution? Literalist interpretation of the Bible means science is not to be trusted.

Religion is a faith and has no business in scientific disciplines. I do believe that science is slowly unraveling the beauty and sheer genius of creation. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit that when all things are said and done science will have proven the existence of God. Science must be allowed to be science or it will cease to be science at all.

Literalist makes God more of a magician than the artistic master weaver He really is. God is more marvelous than we can imagine and if they’re successful in intruding into science it would keep us from realizing and appreciating it. Literalist interpretation of the Bible does a disservice to God because their faith is on sandy soil locked up into a childish over simplistic view of the workings of God in our Earthly history and lives.

Many conservative fundamentalists also tend to view the Constitution and the Koran through these same clouded eyes creating many problems for our country and the Islamic world. Fundamentalists Moslems, Hindus, and others who view their religious writings with a strict literalist interpretation are creating their own sets of problems in their parts of the world. When they clash it just creates problems everywhere.
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