Monday, January 26, 2009

Cursed Journey to the end !?!

How can you tell the difference between a curse and a blessing?


This life is a journey, however long or short, towards whatever comes next.

When it ends we would all like to be in the best position possible.

Whether you believe in blessings or curses or both (personally I'm in the blessings category)

how can you possibly determine which is which

while engaged in the midsts of Job's dilemma.

I was thinking about someone I care for who's enduring tough times.

Because, I'm in the situation where the common sentiment of......

" It's their fault, not mine.

Somehow, they deserve this.

God, desired this.

It doesn't concern me.

It's unjust to think it should."..........

is pervasive.

A bundle of excuses to thread the needle

through the gate to the goats pasture.

Everyone should be blessed with the blessing,

of possessing what the Lord's wills for them.

That way when it all ends they'll be in the best position possible.

So, if everyone I meet is blessed,


they are all loved by God.

I came to the conclusion it's wisest to pray for everyone's best interests

regardless of what state of blessing they were in.

Because if they were loved by God,

they darn well better be loved by me.

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