Saturday, February 24, 2007

intentional right-wing ignorance

--Hey what’s goin’ on?
--Oh! It’s so nice I’ve got a bit of spring fever. So, I’m Just gettin’ these weeds outa here to get ready for the wife’s flowers this year.
--No, I mean with that little upside down flag in the window.
--Well the big one flying there is for the country and our troops and....
--No that little one; it’s wrong to do that; it’s disrespectful.
--That ones for our president and his administration. The country is in distress. The Neocons are fascist. You do know that right.
--Bull, you liberals are traitors. The president is protecting us. He Listens to God who is on our side against the evil terrorists who hate our freedom, us; you and your family.
--Just who are the terrorists?
--Who were the Muslims that attacked us?
--ALL OF THEM, Saddam insane, Bin Laden, all of them they’ve been attacking us for years and Clinton didn’t do anything about it. Finally Bush is kicking some ass now.
--First off the people who attacked the World Trade Center and the African embassies under Clinton are all serving life sentences and Saddam Hussein didn’t have anything to do with 9-11. Those guys were primarily Saudis trained in Afghanistan in camps run by Bin Laden. We ran away from catching Al Qaeda and the ones who did attack us when we went into Iraq.
--What! The terrorists who attacked the World Trade Center are all dead. Don’t who watch TV? We’ve been attacked over and over again and Clinton didn’t do nothin’ except Monica. Iraq is the center of the war on terrorism. They were a threat to us. And we kicked they’re butts ALL OVER THE PLACE. Fox showed the statue come down. I saw it. Where were you? ALL YOU CUT AND RUN LIBERALS WANT TO DO IS CUT AND RUN CUT AND RUN.
--No, we want to get back on track; your Neocons stole the war on terror. Bush and Cheney ran away from Bin Laden. They let him go and they’re still not trying to get him. We want to be over the horizon so we can quit running the military down in a civil war and get back to fighting the war against Al Qaeda who did attack us and prot….
--What? Alright, go ahead and dehumanize me. At least care about the troo….
Bull, you can’t support the troops unless you support the war and the president. If you don’t support Bush you support the insurrectionists you side with the enemies and you just hate our President Bush.
--Who are the insurrectionists? Just exactly who are we fighting and why?
--The damn Jiadists terrorists who hate our freedom and hate me and you and your family. They want to kill you and destroy Christianity and make us all like them and make your wife and daughter cover all the way up. They cut the heads off any one who’s not like them, you know. Do you want that to happen? We have to fight them over there so we won’t have to fight them here.
--Slow down and take a breath just….
--What would you be like without your oil?
--Listen please; there is no one grand enemy in Iraq. There are political, religious and cultural divisions within the people of Iraq that has led to a violent and down right brutal multifaceted civil war. ‘Outside the country fighters’ are few. The Iraqi’s seem to have many old scores to settle, power to be grabbed and a lot of revenge for current atrocities. Our guys and gals do not belong in the middle of all this; they’re being shot up from all sides. Those of us against this knew this would happen, we said it, protested about it and we were right and we weren’t listened to and you really should listen to us now because this has been a huge military and foreign policy blunder that could have……
--We need victory and to fight them over there so we won’t have to fight them over here. The Islamofascist are everywhere and you liberal traitors are helping them. Do you want to fight them in your backyard? Because if we cut and run that’s where they will be in all our back yards cutting off all our heads and it will be all you filthy cowardly liberals fault. We would have won if it wasn’t for you liberal scum and Iran. We need to bomb Iran off the face of the map too.
--We haven’t bombed anyone off the face of the map. People will always fight for their home even if they hate their leaders. It always takes ground troops. It always leads to a guerilla war and it always ends in much death that still needs diplomacy to solve a problem that could have avoided all the needless bloodshed if everyone just deployed a little diplomacy.
--Conspiracies all conspiracies Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, Santorum said so….
--That was a lie and one of the many reasons he wasn’t reelec……
--and they were going to nuke us and they did harbor Al Qaeda and they are all our enemy, their children are our enemy, they all are our enemy and they will kill us if we don’t bomb them into dust. Iran is helping them and they must be nuked. Nuke them to dust; it’s them or us; kill them all let God sort them out AND ALL YOU DAMN TRAITOR LIBERAL DEMOCRATS AND ALL THE MOSLEMS AND ALL OF YOU NEED TO BE THROWN INTO GITMO AND TORTURED TILL YOU DIE AND YOUR BONES TURN TO DUST AND ALL YOUR TRAITOROUS FAMILIES WITH YOU. GITMO, GITMO, GITMO FOR ALL LIBERAL SCUM. GOD BLESS AMERICA! PRAISE THE LORD ALLELUIA!
The man walks quickly away leaving the person working in the garden dumbfounded by the ignorance so puffed up by hate. This is why Fox news and right wing hate radio along with some of the corporate media are guilty of war crimes by pushing the propaganda and why there’s shame upon the mainstream media for being so weak-kneed.Hate driven ignorance mixed with fear is difficult to overcome. But, that's what we have to do. Here and abroad.

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