Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Willful Misinterpretation of Revelations

The willful misinterpretation of the Book of Revelations is behind much of current conservative Christian right-wing fundamentalist speculation, not only about this country but the Middle East and the world as well. Too, often this speculation is used to incorrectly determine who is on God’s side; the countries, its leaders and citizens, who are feared to be in league with the end time desires of Satan and as a result, the enemy of the ‘Christian Nation of the United States of America.

Some are being tempted to aid or bring about a world situation, that they believe, will lead to the rapture by executing some grand design to force the hand of God to the will of those who would like to steal His plans to justify their own limited vision and corrupt goals.

Accepting incorrect speculation about the ‘end times’ unfortunately causes some highly impressionable Christians to willingly yield, whether through ignorance or fear of losing worldly comforts, whatever spiritual virtues or values they’ve gained from the Gospels to the whims of Power, its control, greed, discrimination and destruction

This misinformation (which I believe the educated leaders absolutely know to be untrue) is used to violate what Christ explained to us was the second most important commandment, ‘to love one another’. Fear, ignorance and paranoia are, and have always been, the ultimate tools of evil and can and often do exist on all sides of any conflict. Evil does exist but it is an action not a person or group of people.

Terrorism is an example of an evil tool used by some sects of radical fundamentalist Islam. Its existence among these groups does not indicate that all followers of Islam are in league with evil as many equally radical Christian fundamentalists in this country would like us to believe. The Bible or the Koran can be and often is used by the unscrupulous to dehumanize an enemy, in a far too often, successful attempt to justify horrendous acts of violence and collateral damage against any who fall under the unforgivable label of evil. Too often, this presumptive attitude is so pervasive within this culture as to include a Calvinistic determination of who is loved by God or who is left poor, sick or disabled which may lead to a dangerous goat-like deceptive self-opinion.

I remember hearing of a painting where Jesus was depicted as a junky. I never saw the painting and I don’t care to or need to because I’ve embellished on it in my mind. I picture a Christ-like figure in a urine soaked alley with empty liquor bottles and needles nearby. I consider it a holy image. Why? Because I think we should insult Christ or say He’s something He’s not? No! It reminds me that we are supposed to see the suffering Christ in the most lowly of individuals. That Jesus is served best when we show love, mercy, and caring for all those in society especially those who, for whatever reason, are most looked down on or deemed unacceptable.
I do believe that the Book of Revelation does teach that the spiritual battle against evil is a global battle but, it’s a struggle destined to be won within the hearts and souls of the individual (each and every one of us). However, He brings about the culmination of all Earthly things it really isn’t any of our business, in fact I believe serious speculation into His business to be a serious sign of a lack of trust.

I know people are worried about that number (which I will not print) but a little faith in God should let you know He’s not going to let you sink beneath the waves of the mythological meaning of that number unaware of what you are doing. This book teaches us to relentlessly cling to the teachings of Christ, to trust what he taught and to understand that whatever worldly cost we may have to endure He will be victorious in the end.

The greater part of faith is trust.

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